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Dog Ovulation Test

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Instruction. Rapid test for determining ovulation in dogs.

The use of a test strip to determine ovulation in dogs is possible even at home.

Principle of operation: test - the strip changes color from pink to burgundy during the onset of ovulation. Testing can be started from the first day of estrus.

How to use ovulation tests?

1. Wipe the vulva area and wipe off excess blood.

2. Gently open the vulva, place the test strip with the side that has the pink indicator inside 3-4 cm. Place so that the express test surface touches the wall of the vulva.

3. Hold the rapid ovulation test inside the vulva for approximately 15 seconds.

4. Remove the rapid ovulation test and note whether the indicator is completely moistened with vaginal fluid.

5. Wait another 5 seconds to read the test results and compare the results on the images. Any color change older than 3 minutes may not be accurate! Read right.

It is important to remember that the dog ovulation test strip indicator changes color from pink to burgundy (violet, black and partial coloration of the indicator is possible) during the onset of ovulation, when the bitch's estrogen level decreases and the progesterone level rises - the result is positive (ovulation has occurred ). If the result is negative (ovulation has not occurred), then the color of the indicator will not change.

Dynamic test strip readings

!!! Do not touch the pink indicator of the test strip, otherwise the results may be distorted!

Dog mating

People involved in breeding dogs always need to determine the timing of mating. When to knit a bitch?

The best time to cover a bitch is between the day before ovulation and the first days of ovulation.

Ovulating dogs are the optimal days for covering a bitch. They may differ depending on the breed. And they can also “shift” during life, even in the same dog. It is generally accepted that with the increase in the age of the bitch, the ligament should be carried out at a later date. In most cases this is the case. However, there are cases when the "hunt" may come earlier than in previous estrus. Although, as a rule, "hunting" coincides with the period of ovulation. Also, in some dogs, "hunting" may not coincide with the period of ovulation and come later than those days in which there is a greater chance of becoming pregnant.

During the ovulation of dogs, more mucus is secreted and it brightens.

The mucus helps keep the sperm viable. If there is no mucus of the fetal type, then spermatozoa die in the acidic environment of the vagina.

The color of the discharge, the count of days since the start of estrus, the behavior of the bitch and the condition of the vulva are secondary signs caused by the processes occurring in the body of the bitch. According to these signs, it is quite difficult to determine readiness for a bunch.

Therefore, in order to be sure in terms of the bond, you can use a test strip. Using a test to determine the timing of ovulation in dogs is possible even at home.

For a more accurate result, the test for determining the ligament of dogs must be applied in dynamics (from the beginning of estrus). The result is comparable to the photo above.

When you get a positive test result that indicates ovulation, your bitch is ready to breed. An example of a recommended testing process:

1. Start testing the bitch at the start of her season.

2. In a bitch, the ova (eggs) ovulate, BUT fertilization can only occur 2-3 days after ovulation. The optimal opportunity for fertilization of the ovum (eggs) is between 2 days and 5 days after ovulation. But know that the onset of ovulation in dogs is possible both on the 5th and 25th day from the moment of estrus.

To ensure proper use of dog ovulation test strips, it is important that they are not exposed to moisture or sunlight. Also keep in mind that it is important not to touch or place your fingers on the indicator. Ovulation tests have a limited duration. Proper storage expands this. Once opened, rapid ovulation tests shorten their shelf life.

Store in an airtight container or bag in the refrigerator.

Ovulation Test - An ovulation test in dogs does not guarantee the fertility of your bitch or the fertility of your stud dog. We cannot guarantee that pregnancy will result from use.

DOCUCHI is located in Kharkov, but you can buy from us with delivery by mail to Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv or any city in Ukraine or abroad.

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Questions (3)
Question from: Светлана 21/04/2023

Добрый день. Тесты для определения овуляции у собак есть в наличии? Как можно купить в Украине? Сколько стоят?


Быстрые тесты для определения овуляции собак можно купить оформив заказ на сайте либо позвонив или написав по контактам, что указаны на сайте. Цена на данный момент 120 грн за одну тест-полоску, но могут быть и акции на сайте, когда цена ниже.

Question from: Анжеліка 06/04/2023

Позавчора замовила у Вас тест на овуляцію для моєї німецької вівчарки, вчора він прийшов, я його одразу зробила, результат показав овуляцію у моєї собаки, сьогодні зробила аналіз крові їй на прогестерон- він показує також пік овуляції. Дякую дуже задоволена якістю Вашого тесту, хоч спочатку як я розпакувала конверт, вони були 3шт просто в маленькому кульку без назви, без дати придатності. Дякую Вам, але напишіть будь ласка дату придатності бо лишилося ще два і як вони називаються? Дякую.


Доброго дня! Дякуємо за гарний відгук. Виробником заявлено, що строк придатності при належних умов зберігання біля 1 року з моменту відкриття упаковки у якій знаходились тести.

Для забезпечення правильного використання тест-смужок для перевірки овуляції у собак важливо, щоб вони не зазнавали впливу вологи або сонячного світла. Також майте на увазі, що важливо не торкатися пальців на індикатор. Тести на овуляцію мають обмежений термін дії. Правильне зберігання підвищує термін придатності. Після розтину овуляційні експрес-тести скорочують термін придатності внаслідок взаємодії з повітрям.

Зберігати можна у герметичній вологонепроникній ємності або пакеті в холодильнику.

Question from: Виктория 09/12/2022

Здравствуйте! Тесты для определения овуляции у собак ещё в наличии? Хотела бы купить


Здравствуйте! Да, быстрые тесты для определения овуляции у собак в наличии. Вы можете заказать через сайт, либо написав на почту или телеграм, что у нас в контактах.


As a breeder, you already know that when it comes to breeding, the canine species is truly unique. I have spent many hours over the years helping breeders achieve a better understanding of how to succeed in the ultimate quest to produce healthy litters. To determine the time of ovulation (determining the optimal timing of mating in dogs), such an indicator as progesterone is used, in females, progesterone is secreted before ovulation (estrous cycle), and this characteristic in dogs can be used. This is a good tool to improve your dogs fertility and fertility as improper breeding is by far the most common cause of infertility in bitches. These 20 facts will give you a better understanding of why.

I. When to start? The first consultation is recommended. Seems a bit early, but better sooner than later. It happens in bitches that ovulation occurs as soon as this happens in their estrous cycle.

II. Sometimes they call to say: “Doctor, what should I do? My bitch is in [number] progesterone. Standard response: "[Number] what?" I wonder why? Progesterone readings can be shown in two different units: ng/mL or nmol/L. We will not interpret the result in the same way depending on its unit.

III. I was asked to find out when a bitch ovulates based on one test. Most of the time this is not possible. (I told you that I have had bitches that ovulate six days after the onset of estrus, but I have also had bitches that ovulate 30 days after!). Often, at least three or four tests are usually required over a period of a number of days.

IV. “Is it necessary to come every day until ovulation is over?” No, you will need it for your LH tests (another hormone secreted by the brain, it peaks two to three days before ovulation). The secretion of LH is pulsatile and we need to find a transient peak, and as a result, we need daily tests. Progesterone gradually rises during estrus, and we will focus on this increase when meeting the time of ovulation.

V. With low progesterone (= baseline), you can usually wait four to five days before seeing your dog again.

VI. Progesterone is "basal" when its blood value is less than 1 ng/mL.

VII. In the figure below, I have highlighted the 2 main events that we need to focus on when performing ovulation timing: “LH peak” and “ovulation”.

VIII. Peak LH occurs at levels of 2-3 ng/mL. When this level is reached, ovulation will occur two to three days later.

IX. If you think you've passed your LH peak, don't stop timing your ovulation. You still need to detect ovulation. Dogs do have an anovulatory cycle.

X. Anovulatory cycle, what is it? A cycle in which ovulation does not occur (and the dog does not become pregnant). An increase in progesterone is possible due to the growth of ovarian follicles containing oocytes, but suddenly decreases (the reason is still unknown). The follicles will simply shrink and disappear, and ovulation will not occur. There were cases when it rose to 4.9 ng / ml in progesterone, but after that it decreased.

XI. Ovulation occurs at progesterone levels of 5-6 ng/mL

XII. This figure is similar regardless of the size of the dog. Regardless of the breed of dog, be it Sheepdog, Pekingese, Labrador Retriever, Mastiff, etc., dogs will ovulate at the same level as progesterone. In the picture above, you will notice that the different curves overlap each other during ovulation.

XIII. We know the level of progesterone during ovulation. Anyway, during the breeding season there is no "ideal" level. In optimal fertility, progesterone levels can be around 10, 30, and sometimes more than 60 ng / ml. The breeding protocol should be determined based on the expected day of ovulation. We are not in a position to answer that a dog should be bred when it is in [any amount of] ng/mL of progesterone.

XIV. Then why analyze the level after ovulation? The progesterone level will rise rapidly after ovulation, which is good for confirming the increase. Indeed, there is a plateau (= progesterone level stagnating at about the same level) during the time, something is wrong, and an ovarian cyst can be suspected.

XV. In fact, whenever such a plateau is observed during ovulation, the bitch must always be carefully observed. This can indeed happen normally, but the plateau should not last more than three days. When in doubt, an ovarian ultrasound should be performed to ensure that the surface of the ovaries looks normal.

XVI. The hormone progesterone is similar in all mammals (similar in all sex, similar conformation, similar size of molecules). So there is no need for special tests on dogs. In truth, all the machines used to analyze progesterone in dogs are primarily designed for the human market.

XVII. Not all progesterone machines are alike. By this I mean when progesterone was 5-6 ng/ml per appa

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Дякую за чудовий сервіс! Продавець мегашвидко опрацював замовлення та якісно проконсультував. Тест робила по інструкції, не складно.
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Спасибо за тесты на определение овуляции собак. Не знала как быстро определить овуляцию у собаки, помогли тесты. Всё прекрасно, рекомендую!
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Тесты на овуляцию для собак - это важный инструмент для разведения собак. Они помогают определить оптимальное время для спаривания собаки и увеличивают шансы на успешное размножение.

Тесты на овуляцию для собак, представленные на сайте ДОКУЧИ, имеют несколько преимуществ перед аналогами. Они быстрые и простые в использовании, что делает процесс тестирования менее стрессовым для животного.

На сайте содержится детальная инструкции по использованию и прост в хранении. С помощью этих тестов можно легко определить, когда собака находится в оптимальном периоде для спаривания, что облегчает задачу разведения собак.

Если вы являетесь заводчиком или просто владельцем собаки, который хочет увеличить свои шансы на успешное размножение, то тесты на овуляцию для собак от ДОКУЧИ являются отличным выбором. Они просты в использовании, что делает их идеальным инструментом для определения оптимального времени для спаривания собаки.

Я надеюсь, что этот отзыв был полезен и поможет вам принять правильное решение.
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Я как покупатель не могу быть более довольным покупкой тестов на овуляцию для собак в интернет магазине ДОКУЧИ. Они были точными и дали мне уверенность в том, что я выбрал правильное время для спаривания моей собаки. Они были очень просты в использовании, и я легко мог использовать их в домашних условиях. Мне понравилось, что на сайте есть подробные инструкции, которые объясняли, как проводить тесты. Я также был приятно удивлен тем, как быстро я получил результаты тестов. Это помогло мне выбрать оптимальное время для спаривания моей собаки, и был доволен результатом.

В целом, я рекомендую тесты на овуляцию для собак всем, кто ищет качественные и надежные тесты для своей собаки. Я доволен покупкой, и уверен, что и вы будете довольны. Если вы ищете высококачественные тесты на овуляцию для своей собаки, не стесняйтесь обратиться.