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Dog pregnancy test

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Dog pregnancy test, dog pregnancy indicator

Country of manufacture: UK

The package includes for each pregnancy indicator: 1 tube of liquid (green), 1 tube of powder (yellow), 1 empty mixing tube (blue), 4 pipettes and 1 small plastic cup to collect urine. They are required for use with the pregnancy indicator.

The Canine Pregnancy Indicator detects the specific canine pregnancy hormone relaxin. This hormone is produced during pregnancy in dogs. This is the first test to use lateral flow technology to detect relaxin in urine. This is an indicator that you can test the inseminated bitch on the 19th day of pregnancy (from the 1st mating). All you have to do is simply add a few drops of urine solution to the lateral flow test cassette.

The indicator works by showing two lines of the pregnancy-specific hormone relaxin in dogs as a positive result. The indicator comes with a complete brochure with instructions for use.

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