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DC-DC step down voltage converter from 6-40V to 1.2-36 300W 20A

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DC-DC (direct current) buck converter step down module 300W 20A

Chip: LM25116
Input voltage: 6V - 40V
Output voltage: 1.2V - 36V
Rated current: 20A
Maximum output power: 300W
Conversion efficiency: 0.95%
Output voltage ripple: 50mV
Working temperature: -40°C +85°C
Dimensions: 60mm x 53mm x 27mm
Short circuit protection: yes (short-term)
Reverse polarity protection: NO!

When connecting, strictly observe the polarity!

If the radiator heats up more than 60 degrees, you need to install an active fan, otherwise the module may fail.

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DC-DC converters play an important role in various electronic projects. They allow you to convert the voltage in accordance with the requirements of a particular device. One such module is the 300W, 20A module available at

This module has an input voltage of 6 to 40 volts, which means that it can be used to power various devices such as LED strips, sensors, motors, and other electronic devices that require AC voltage. The output voltage can be adjusted from 1.2 to 36 volts, making this module an ideal choice for a wide range of projects.

One of the key advantages of this module is its high power of 300W. This means that it can provide enough power for most projects. The module also has a current of up to 20 A, which allows it to be used to power devices with high current.

The module has a compact size and light weight, making it easy to use in various projects. Its overload and short circuit protection ensures safety when using it. It also has high efficiency and low noise, making it attractive for use in a variety of applications.

The module also has a number of additional features such as output voltage regulation and reverse polarity protection. These features allow you to customize the module for specific project requirements, making it very flexible and versatile.

If you are looking for a reliable and powerful DC-DC converter for your project, the 300W 20A module is an excellent choice. It allows you to efficiently convert direct current to various voltages in the range from 1.2 to 36 volts. This can be especially useful for various applications such as powering LED strips, charging batteries, powering electronic devices, etc.

The module has a compact size and is easy to mount, which makes it convenient to use in various devices and projects. The module's input voltage can range from 6 to 40 volts, which means it can be used with a variety of power supplies. Thanks to its high conversion efficiency, it saves energy and reduces the cost of powering devices.

In addition, the module has built-in overload and short circuit protection, which ensures the safety of use. This also prevents damage to the device and increases its durability.

Finally, the module has a wide operating temperature range from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, allowing it to be used in a wide range of conditions. If you need a reliable and efficient DC-DC converter for your project, the 300W 20A module is a great choice. It provides high efficiency, reliability and safety, and also allows you to reduce the cost of powering devices.

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