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1800W 40A DC-DC boost converter stabilized 10-60V to 12-90V

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A highly efficient step-up DC-DC converter allows you to get a stabilized voltage at the output with a changing input voltage. The output voltage will always be higher than the input voltage. The converter has a heatsink that is designed to cool the device. The board has high-capacity electrolytic capacitors, which serve to suppress (smooth) ripples in the circuit. In addition, there are potentiometers on the same board that allow the user to adjust the output voltage and current. A fuse is included in the circuit to provide short circuit protection.

Module Type: Non Isolated Boost Module
Input voltage: DC10-60V
Maximum input current: up to 35-40 A
Output voltage: 12-90V
Output current adjustable: 0.5-22A (+/-0.3A)
Maximum output power: 1800W
Working temperature: -40 ~ + 85 degrees
Operating frequency: 110 kHz
Conversion efficiency: 92%-97%
Fan activation: automatically when the temperature is reached
Module size: length 130 mm, width 52 mm, height 67 (84) mm

Please note: power is 1800W. only achieved at a maximum input voltage of 60 V.

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Product Features:

Using high quality materials, quality guaranteed
Uses fan-cooled blades for good heat dissipation and increased power output
The hydraulic bearing fan is temperature controlled, achieving a good balance between noise and heat dissipation. Under light load, the fan does not rotate. When the load temperature reaches about 60 degrees, the fan will automatically rotate. This reduces the noise level and extends the life of the product.
The main power transistor insulation board is made of high quality aluminum, the thermal conductivity of which is 10 times higher than conventional insulation pads.
It uses a large-sized ferrosilicate-aluminum magnetic ring, which is combined with four 1.2mm enameled copper wires, which has low thermal energy and high efficiency.
Has constant current function, can be used to boost car battery, charge battery, etc.

Working characteristics:

Output power: 1800W
Input voltage range: 10-60V
Output voltage range: 12-90V
Input current: 40A
Output current: 22A
Conversion efficiency: 48V to 60V 8A (98.1%)
48V to 72V 8A (98.1%)
48V 84V 8A (97.6%)
Charge regulation: 10% to 50% charge (72V output)
Temperature coefficient: 50% load
Ripple and noise: 20MHz bandwidth (48V to 72V 4A) 100mVp-p
Switching frequency: VIN = 48V VO = 72V 4A (110kHz)
Current no-load current: VIN = 48V VO = 72V (18mA)
Input reverse polarity protection: yes
Storage Humidity: 95%
Working temperature: -20 - +65°C
Storage temperature: -40 - +125°C
Operating temperature rise: 48V to 60V 5A (45°C)
Overheat protection: 60°C
Connection method: input, output (solderless, terminal block)
Cooling method: powerful air cooling

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